TWEE-KWO-TWEED!!! Halloween 2012 adventures

Koopa was a robot this Halloween (a transformer, actually, but he doesn’t know what those are, so he says its a robot). He was sooooo looking forward to this year’s Halloween. It seems that this was the first year that he was actually really excited about it and completely aware of what was going on. They had a party at their daycare and they even went around the building offices to collect candy yelling the long awaited TWEE-KWO-TWEED!!! (at least that’s how Koopa yells this, I don’t know about other kids). So there he is, Koopa the Robot:

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? My three year old dresses up as a robot. Except that our way here was rough and thorny. When I first asked Koopa, several weeks before the Halloween, what he wanted to be this year, he replied, without hesitation, that he wanted to be a…  toilet. Yes, just like that, my little Gnomik announced that he wanted to be a toilet for Halloween. So I was a little puzzled, since this was not something I expected to hear. I knew where this was coming from. He is scared of public toilets but is also equally fascinated by them, so maybe this was his way of trying to make friends with them finally. So I applauded his creativity and was ready to support it, but there was still a slight problem: where do I find a toilet costume for a three year old? So I gently pointed out to him that it might be a bit difficult to find a toilet costume. In response, he said, with a note of disappointment, “Well maybe a sink then?”

That was the first chapter of our Halloween adventures, after which I spent a couple of weeks breaking my head on how to make a toilet costume (because with all the difficulties that come with it, lets face it, its easier than making or finding a sink costume). In the meantime, Koopa’s daycare had a marine theme for a week or so when they learned about oceans and fishes and stuff like that. He got particularly excited about sharks and decided to ditch the toilet idea and be a shark for Halloween. His best friend also decided to be a shark which made it particularly exciting. I breathed a sigh of relief. A shark is easier than a toilet.

But that was not the end of it. While looking for a shark costume, we got into that whole Minnie-Mouse situation, that got me thinking about life and challenges of bringing up a human child. He spent ten minutes wanting to be a Minnie Mouse and I spent those ten minutes hating this world and people who live in it. But then he saved the day by accidentally finding a robot costume and deciding to be a robot. And that’s how it came to be. He was a robot this Halloween, and seemed to have had lots of fun. And I had fun too, and learned some things (e.g. I learned that you CAN buy a toilet costume online… but they only come in adult sizes…)

After Halloween was over, I asked him what he wanted to be next year. Turns out he had it all planned already. “I will be a bus stop!” (“Я буду остановкой”), he said. So, I’m already looking forward to next year’s Halloween. Stay tuned. (AND, starting today, I accept ideas and suggestions on how to make a bus stop costume).

About Tanya Mozias Slavin

Tanya Mozias Slavin is a writer, linguist and a mother of two. She was born in Russia, grew up in Israel and has lived in Canada and the US, where she worked on Oji-Cree, an endangered aboriginal language of Canada. She now lives in the UK and writes about parenting, languages, multiculturalism, and everything in between. Her essays and articles have appeared in Washington Post, Brain, Child, The Forward, Scary Mommy and other places.
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