I was born and spent part of my childhood in Russia, moved to live Israel as a teenager, and then hopped across the ocean to do my PhD in Linguistics at the University of Toronto. I then spent many years moving around Canada and the US and working on Oji-Cree, an endangered Algonquian languages indigenous to Canada.

Two years ago I left academia and became a writer. I now live in the UK with my husband and two kids. I write about parenting, special needs parenting, selective mutism, languages, Jewishness, and multiculturalism.

In my essays on parenting, I call my kids (who are 8 and 2 year old) by their middle names, Martin and Claire. Because this is not what they are called in real life, it provides some distance between them and any stories I might write about them online. Ultimately, whatever I write is my story that happens to include them, and I want them to develop their own interpretation of their stories as they grow. Besides, this allows me to get some extra miles out of their middle names. Otherwise, they’d just sit there unused for years and years until their college graduation day.

I also used to regularly blog here about parenting, and kids, and stuff. But my 8 year old has been shockingly growing into his own person more and more lately, so I decided to take down most of the personal stuff which seemed appropriate to share when he was tiny. In an occasional errant blog post you might see me referring to my kids by their nicknames, Koopa (named after a character in the Super Mario game, for reasons that are now lost to history) and Kvakushka (“little frog” in Russian).


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